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Could not find exact matches for the question (some similar posts found) ..

How can multiple models be send via JSON to MVC3 controller e.g having the following parameters:

public JsonResult Add(Project pr, List<Modules> mod)

following technique was tried but did not work

function AddModules() {

     var pname = $("#ProjectName").val();

     var data = new Array();

     var modules  = new Array();

     $("#ModuleTable tr").each(function () {

 var row =

    "ModuleName": $(this).find(".moduleName").val(),
    "ModuleDesc": $(this).find(".moduleDesc").val(),
    "ModuleSize": $(this).find(".moduleSize").val(),
    "StartDate": $(this).find(".startDate").val(),
    "ModuleId": "",
    "ProjectName": pname



     var project =
     "ProjectName":                 $("#ProjectName").val(),
     "ProjectDescription" :         $("#ProjectDescription").val(),
     "StartDate"          :         $("#ProjectStartDate").val(),
     "ModuleName"         :         modules



                            url: "AddProject",
                            data: JSON.stringify(data),
                            type: "post",
                            contentType: "application/json; charset = utf-8",
                            dataType: "json",

                            success: function (status) {



The project class also contains a List type of Module class.

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You are sending a string of JSON back to the server, so you have a type difference. Try something like this instead:

Client Side

var myFunction = function(){
  var projectName = $("#ProjectName").val();
  var projectDescription = $("#ProjectDescription").val();

  $.post("[URL TO YOUR CONTROLLER]",{pName : projectName, pDescription: projectDescription},function(response){

Server Side

   public ActionResult MyActionResult(FormCollection fc)
            var projectName = fc["pName"];
var projectDescription = fc["pDescription"];

var result = projectName + " hase been posted!";

            return Content(result);

Good luck!

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