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Heroku deployment works like a charm in at my home.

But my office network restricts ssh which blocks the command "git push heroku master" Is there a way to use a https url of the heroku git repository to push my app.

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After further digging it seems that heroku does not support git over https. The only workaround is to maintain a copy of the project in GitHub or any other repository which supports https. use this repo to work from locations which do not support ssh. For deployment to heroku clone this app and deploy from a firewall free machine. –  Kumaresan Jan 9 '12 at 19:42
You can also use Tor as a SOCKS proxy for Git. –  n2liquid - Guilherme Vieira Aug 7 '13 at 19:58

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You can push to heroku git only through ssh.

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Thanks @vucetica –  Kumaresan Jan 9 '12 at 19:40
is that still current? –  mikebz Dec 27 '13 at 17:33
omg... took me an hour to figure this out. Haven't had an issue using a global insteadOf directive until now. I guess github, bitbucket and all the others i use support https. Why not Heroku? –  deck Apr 25 at 18:06
Another question: why can't Heroku pull directly from Github? –  Robert Grant Aug 20 at 10:26

This plugin for heroku toolbelt allows you to push over https:


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is there a similar thing for heroku run? –  Markus Graf Jul 28 at 14:11
That uses the Heroku API to push, which I assume still uses SSH? –  Robert Grant Aug 20 at 10:32

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