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I run perforce command on a list of files and after some parsing and stuff i generate a file that contains owners like this(call it owner.log):


then i go throug the owner.log file and pick an owner like this:

while(<OWNER>) {
 $vote->{$_} += 1;

and then the owner with the highest vote gets selected for email notification. But the problem is when i have an owner log like this:


each one gets the same vote? How should i pick one?

Thank you.

Is there a quick way of finding if all hashes have same value? that way i can pick one at random.

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However you like. Pick one at random. Return a list of all the owners with the same number of votes. Throw an exception and demand a revote. This seems to be a business logic decision and not a programming problem. – Quentin Jan 9 '12 at 18:59
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One way to determine if all hash keys have the same value is to use uniq. If there is only one common value, use the keys of your hash as an array and use rand to find a random index within the array bounds:

use More::ListUtils qw(uniq);
my @keys = keys   %hash;
my @vals = values %hash;
if (scalar uniq(@vals) == 1) {
    print "all of equal weight\n";
    print $keys[ int(rand(@keys)) ], "\n";
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Assuming the array @winners:

print "The winner is: ", $winners[rand @winners];

The whole process:

my $last = 0; 
my @winners;
for my $name (sort { $vote->{$b} <=> $vote->{$a} } keys %$vote) { 
    last if ($vote->{$name} < $last); 
    push @winners, $name; 
    $last = $vote->{$name};

my $winner = $winners[rand @winners];

print "The winner is, by ", 
       @winners == 1 ? "unanimous vote: " : "luck of the draw: ", $winner;
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