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OK. I have a horizontal image, let's say 2000 x 300. I want to overwrite that image and create a new one that is 2000 x 2000 with the old image center in the middle and vertically, with white space around it. I also want to do this in batch with many different images of different sizes. Thanks in advance.

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Use -resize to resize the image to 2000x2000, -background to set the background to white, -gravity to center the original image on the canvas, and -extent to resize the canvas itself (to cause the image to sit in the centre if it wasn't square originally).

convert [imagename] -resize 2000x2000 -background white \
                    -gravity center -extent 2000x2000 [imagename]
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Ah, ok. I was told something else but it didn't seem right. This makes sense. Thank you. – willbeeler Jan 10 '12 at 13:55

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