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I am trying to use javax.cache.CacheManager JSR107 API using EhCache as caching solutioarin provider. But I am unable to find any such resources.

As per the link at , it says that ehcache jsr107 is still in draft phase. Can any one please confirm if it's still the case?

Any sample code to use net sf cacheManager using JSR107 javax.cache.* classes?

Thanks, Harish

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As specified in this page:

Because JCACHE has not yet been released the JCACHE API that Ehcache implements has been released as net.sf.jsr107cache.

This effort can be found in the Github repository. If you see JCacheManager implements javax.cache.CacheManager

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Thanks that helpful – Harish Jan 17 '12 at 9:13

Here's a better answer now the API is finalised. Stick this in your pom:



And you're off. Annotate with any of the annotations like this: (good luck finding the javadocs!)

@CacheResult(cacheName = "monthly")
public List<QueryResult> monthly(String prefix) {

I agree though, the documentation sucks.

Here's more javax.cache info if you're interested.

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