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For many reasons I can't use the wordpress network solution.. I will have to maintain multiple wordpress sites on the same server and I'd like to share the core between them.

What I'd like to achieve is:

  • for each domain, the root folder should contain only the wp-config.php file and the wp-content folder
  • The wordpress core should be shared between multiple installation.

So far I tried:

  • to find a solution involving the usage of symlinks but the __FILE__ constant is giving me headaches ( more info )
  • to find a solution involving mountpoints on a loopback device but I ended up with many more troubles than solutions.

Is there any way, maybe some apache module ? that would help me to achieve this ? I'd like to leave the wordpress core untouched if possible ( but a couple of core changes are welcome ).

Another NTH Feature would be having some routing functionality like: Apache checks if the requested file exists in the DOMAIN document root and, if not, it looks to the SHARED wordpress codebase.

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Try this inside-out approach. It is untested, but I think you could possibly get away with this strategy:

  1. Create a wp-content-<hostname> folder for each host. You are going to use it in a minute.
  2. Create a wp-config-<hostname>.php for each site (I am assuming separate host names). It should contain the database connection information as well as custom defines shown next.
  3. A quick look through the core code verifies the use of constants like WP_CONTENT_DIR. If you can successfully define that in your wp-config-<hostname>.php file, then you are likely golden....except for plugins which assume that the content directory is always named wp-content.
  4. Modify the original wp-config.php to require() the correct wp-config-<hostname>.php by examining $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'].

With some luck, you will have multiple sites and databases running off the same WP core, but not in multisite mode.

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