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I am developing a platform which I am going to deploy to many domains (the exact number will change often). I have integrated with other social media outlets, but I am hitting a road block with the Facebook App setup. My problem seems to be that a Facebook app is tied to single domain, while I need to be able to have callback_url from several domains.

USER   - Hosted platform  - Facebook APP I control - Facebook graph item
user 1 - http://user1.com \                        / user 1's wall
user 2 - http://user2.com -      Facebook API      - user 2's wall
user 3 - http://localhost /                        \ user 3's wall

Hopefully the above ASCII art demonstrates what I am talking about. My idea is that I am deploy my platform on several servers and use DNS A records to split domains. So all the users will be using the same code, but will have their own domains.

If I add "http://user1.com" to the Site URL then I can't add "http://user2.com" or "http://localhost". So a single app doesn't work, but I don't want to have to create and maintain a differ Apps for the same purpose.

What is the best solution for my situation?

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