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I want include one e-mail link on my website. And i want ask if i use a href mailto i need use address tag? And i yet want include twitter and facebbok profile link there. I need address tag to be valid?

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You do not need to have <address> to make a valid document, and if you have other links in there besides email, it is not invalid or even necessarily wrong. It's only really "wrong" if you're using <address> to markup any old address information, regardless of context.

The <address> tag is used to indicate contact information for the owner or maintainer of the document/site. For example, if you are using it to indicate the owner of the document/site you might use:

This site is maintained by: 
   <a href="mailto:you@youraddress.com">Miki</a>

If you want to add other information related to contacting the person in the <address> area, you can:

This site is maintained by: 
   Miki (<a href="mailto:you@youraddress.com">email</a>, <a href="http://twitter.com/someone">twitter</a>, etc)

Here's some straightforward info about the <address> element.

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