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For the following html:

    <td class="first">AUD</td>
    <td> 0.00 </td>
    <td> 1,305.01 </td>
    <td> 1,305.01 </td>
    <td> -65.20 </td>
    <td> 0.00 </td>
    <td> 0.00 </td>
    <td> 1,239.81 </td>
    <td class="fx-rate"> 0.98542 </td>

I am trying to grab the value for the fx-rate, given the type of current. For example, the function would be something like get_fx_rate(currency). This is the XPATH expression I have so far, but it results in an empty element, []. What am I doing wrong here and what would be the correct expression?

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Use this:

//td[@class = 'first' and normalize-space() = 'AUD']/parent::tr/td[@class = 'fx-rate']

or clearer:

//tr[td[@class="first1" and normalize-space()="AUD"]]/td[@class="fx-rate"]
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Definitely prefer the second expression. Much easier to read left-to-right. –  lwburk Jan 9 '12 at 21:52

This is the way I managed to solve it, using partial xpaths:

### get all the elements via xpath
currencies = driver.find_elements_by_xpath("//td[@class='first']")
fx_rates = driver.find_elements_by_xpath("//td[@class='fx-rate']")

### build a list and zip it to get the k,v pairs
fx_values = [fx.text for fx in fx_rates if fx.text]
currency_text = [currency.text for currency in currencies if currency.text]
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