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I have the following Rhino ETL process which fails silently. The process executes just fine however no round-trips are ever made to the DB, no exceptions are thrown and no data is ever inserted.

public class UpdateLeadSources : EtlProcess 

    protected override void Initialize()
        Register(new ConventionInputCommandOperation("MoxyVote")
                         Command = "Select * from dbo.LeadSources"
        Register(new ConventionOutputCommandOperation("MoxyDataWarehouse")
                         Command = "Insert into dbo.LeadSources (LeadSourceID, LeadSourceCategoryID, LeadSourceCode, LeadSourceFriendlyName, Description, IsActive, Password, TopEntityID, TopEntityTypeID, CampaignID) Values(@LeadSourceID, @LeadSourceCategoryID, @LeadSourceCode, @LeadSourceFriendlyName, @Description, @IsActive, @Password, @TopEntityID, @TopEntityTypeID, @CampaignID)"


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rhino etl will catch all exceptions, log them and add them to a collection of errors you can access the collection from the EtlProcess class. line 161 GetAllErrors()

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I'd misconfigured my logging class so it wasn't showing up. My underlying issue was an insufficiently specific class name in the provider property. – JeffreyABecker Jan 9 '12 at 22:17
+1 for the line number querystring parameter! I didn't know github could do that! – Kurt Johnson Sep 17 '12 at 15:20

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