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I have a very simple snippet to add a new row to the books table in the database:

def add = Book.toForm(Full("Add"), { _.save })

Calling this snippet in my template generates a form just fine, and submitting the form gives me a post request, but nothing happens, it never tries to talk to the database, no errors or exceptions occur:

09:03:53.631 [865021464@qtp-2111575312-18] INFO  net.liftweb.util.TimeHelpers - Service request (POST) /books/ returned 200, took 531 Milliseconds

I am not sure if my model's save method is just not being called, or if the save method is not working. Based on examples in the book "Lift in Action", I am under the impression that the default Mapper save method should just work, and that is what I am using right now. My model class is simply:

class Book extends LongKeyedMapper[Book] with IdPK {
    def getSingleton = Book
    object name extends MappedString(this, 100)

object Book extends Book with LongKeyedMetaMapper[Book] {
    override def dbTableName = "books"

Am I missing something in my model, or does this appear to be correct? If this should work, how do I debug it not working?

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Forms don't work if you don't have a session (so you need cookies enabled). The session maps the form name to a function on the server. Unfortunately, lift doesn't log an error when the form's handler function isn't found.

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