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I can not fix this why it update only the last tag(id), not one-by-one This i my first fun() which start with onload of file.svg:

function refresh()
    var t=setTimeout("refresh()",2000);

And here are the functions:

function totalUpdate()
    //user array with elements on user ID
    var tags = document.getElementById("user").getElementsByTagName("circle");

    for(var i=0;i<=document.getElementById('user').childElementCount;i++)

        var tag=null,id=null,url=null;
            updateDATA(tag, data);

function updateDATA(tag, data){
    data=data.split(" ");
    //data[0]=>x data[1]=>y data[2]=>data
    var x,y;



SVG body:

<g id='user'>

    <circle class="user" id="1" cy="329" cx="179" r="5" style="fill:red">
        <animate attributeType="CSS" attributeName="opacity" from="1" to="0" dur="1s" repeatCount="indefinite" />

    <circle class="user" id="2" cy="366" cx="189" r="5" style="fill:green">
        <animate attributeType="CSS" attributeName="opacity" from="1" to="0" dur="1s" repeatCount="indefinite" />

Functions updating only the second element not both of them!?

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Javascript has lexical scoping and $.get is asynchronous, so by the time updateDATA is invoked tag references the last element in the list tags. You can fix this by wrapping the async call with a function.

Check out this demo where $.get is replaced by setTimeout: http://jsfiddle.net/GuGb4/

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