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So I have a shipment that can have up to three shipper companies. So I have this...

shipment belongs_to shipper
shipper has_many shipments

But I added two more columns to the shipments table: shipper_id_2 and shipper_id_3. How can I setup the association and also have ActiveAdmin realize it?

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What GoodEnough proposes below is probably the right way forward. If you want to pursue keeping the other shipper_id's in the table, you can set the foreign key that is used for matching by using the :foreign_key attribute and setting it to the column names (e.g. :foriegn_key => 'shipper_id_2 appended to your association). –  Marc Talbot Jan 9 '12 at 22:14

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I would recommend using a class in-between those two to assign the shipments to the shippers.

class ShippingAssignments
  belongs_to :shipment
  belongs_to :shipper

class Shipment
  has_many :shipping_assignments
  has_many :shippers, :through => :shipping_assignments

class Shipper
  has_many :shipping_assignments
  has_many :shipments, :through => :shipping_assignments

You can enforce the limit of 3 shippers with validators.

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