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Example first:

{ "_id" : ObjectId("4f086809bf28fd7bb56e6059"), "admins" : [ "4ef8e785b2694c3649000001" ], "pages" : [
        "pagename" : "home",
        "title" : "homepage",
        "default" : true
        "pagename" : "people",
        "title" : "Staff",
        "default" : false
], "sitename" : "Site", "sitenameLower" : "site" }

So that's the document I'm querying, now what I want is to return the 'page' where pagename = 'home'.

I've tried various queries but it always returns the whole document and not the individual object inside the pages array - which is not much use to me.


db.sites.find({'pages.pagename' : 'home'});

I can see, why this is wrong, but getting it right, is perplexing me.

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See this question. Looks like it's a planned feature but you can't do it right now.

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Thanks, ok I'll just refactor it, into another collection of pages. I've actually been thinking about how I do subsites and pages, so I may need to refactor it anyway... so that I have a collection of site items, namely pages, subsites, other lists. – mrdnk Jan 9 '12 at 21:01

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