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I am trying to get Doctrine2 and Zend Framework working together. So far I have been able to autoload Doctrine2 and connect to my database.

I am now looking forward creating my tables using a schema declaration in yml :

    type: entity
    table: core_user
            primary: true
            autoincrement: true
            type: integer(11)
            notnull: true
            type: string
            notnull: true
            default: ''
            type: string
            default: ''
            type: string
            default: ''
            type: varchar(16)
            default: ''
            type: string
            notnull: true
            default: ''
            type: integer
            type: timestamp
            type: timestamp

I have been able to get the command line working, but I can't get it to create the tables in my database.

I am using a standard Zend Framework folder structure

+-- Application
      +-- configs
      +-- controllers
      +-- doctrine
          +-- Schema
              +-- schema.yml
          +-- Entities
      +-- layouts
      +-- models
      +-- modules
      +-- view
+-- Public
+-- Library
      +-- Doctrine2
+-- Tests

My schema declaration is in Application/doctrine/Schema/schema.yml and I am looking to create my database tables and my Entities from it.

When I try to run the command doctrine orm:schema-tool:create I get the following message : No Metadata Classes to process. and I am wondering why.

Am I on the right way of getting it working, or should I define manually my entities and then try to create my tables from it?

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Check configurations in cli-config.php. You should use YAML driver:

// $config instanceof Doctrine\ORM\Configuration
$driver = new YamlDriver(array('/path/to/files'));

More in docs.

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