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My chat server wasn't working on port 6667 (a common irc chat server port), so I switched it to port 844 and it works fine now. I had my firewall disabled, but something was still preventing remote connections to port 6667.... This is on Windows Server 2008, a virtual server with GoDaddy.

Does anyone know how to unblock the higher port numbers?

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if you're dead sure it's nothing in your code / firewall then I would check with GoDaddy and ask what the problem might be. Alternatively you could use tcpdump or other packet monitoring apps to see what is going on – Green Day Jan 9 '12 at 23:04

From what I can see at this link, GoDaddy blocks port 6667 to prevent abuse.

If that information is up-to-date, there's really nothing you can do without contacting GoDaddy support and ask to have it unblocked.

Edit: Better link and yes, it seems accurate that there are blocks.

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