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I have a form with a multi-row block based on a table. The requirement is that the user can only enter 1 row into the block at a time and commit it. They should not be allowed to create a second row before committing the first.

I tried using a WHEN-CREATE-RECORD trigger like this:

if :system.block_status = 'CHANGED' then
    alert('Can only create one record at a time');
end if;

However, this prevents me creating a new record even after committing changes.

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One way would be to loop through all records and if the second record isn't null, alert the user.

    n_index NUMBER := 0;


    WHILE :SYSTEM.last_record != 'TRUE' LOOP

        IF :block_name.item_name IS NOT NULL THEN --replace item_name with one which the user will enter all the time
          n_index := n_index + 1;
        END IF;

        IF n_index > 0 THEN
          Alert('Only one record can be created at a time!');
        END IF;
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Thanks. Where would I do this? e.g. the user might create a new row just by clicking the mouse below the last record (or can I prevent that?) –  Shaz Jan 10 '12 at 10:31
you can do it on when-create-record or when-validate-record - see which works fine for you @Shaz –  Sathya Jan 10 '12 at 11:08
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