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Is it possible to auto-resize the UILabel box/bounds to fit the contained text? (I don't care if it ends up larger than the display)

So if a user enters "hello" or "my name is really long i want it to fit in this box", it is never truncated and the label is 'widened' accordingly?


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please check out my gist where I have made a category for UILabel for something very similar, my category lets a UILabel stretch it's height to show all the content: https://gist.github.com/1005520

Or check out this post: http://stackoverflow.com/a/7242981/662605

This would stretch the height, but you can change it around easily to work the other way and stretch the width with something like this, which is I believe what you want to do:

@implementation UILabel (dynamicSizeMeWidth)

    float width = [self expectedWidth];
    CGRect newFrame = [self frame];
    newFrame.size.width = width;
    [self setFrame:newFrame];

    [self setNumberOfLines:1];

    CGSize maximumLabelSize = CGSizeMake( CGFLOAT_MAX, CGRectGetWidth(self.bounds) );

    CGSize expectedLabelSize = [[self text] sizeWithFont:[self font] 
                                            lineBreakMode:[self lineBreakMode]]; 
    return expectedLabelSize.width;


You could more simply use the sizeToFit method available from the UIView class, but set the number of lines to 1 to be safe.

iOS 6 update

If you are using AutoLayout, then you will have a build in solution. By setting the number of lines to 0, the framework will resize your label appropriately (adding more height) to fit your text.

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THANKS - I did more searching and found this has been asked/answered a few times - sorry. I checked out your category - I'm new to ObjectiveC - is this basically a Class you've written? –  wayneh Jan 10 '12 at 0:04
Hi, yes a category enables you to add extra functionality to an existing class, my code over on github will stretch the height, but I just changed some stuff and posted the code here in the answer that should stretch the width like you want. If this helps please don't hesitate to up vote and accept as the answer/solution :D thanks –  Daniel Jan 10 '12 at 0:07
Using the iOS 6 AutoLayout method I ended up with a height constraint on my label I couldn't get rid of. Setting the Relation of the height constraint to 'Greater Than or Equal' allowed the height to grow. –  Michael Luton Oct 19 '12 at 20:53
Thanks for the info. I've found to rely less on this code in iOS 6 with AutoLayout. –  Daniel Oct 19 '12 at 21:28
The auto-layout->lines=0 doesn't work for me. –  ray Jan 13 '13 at 0:43

Using [label sizeToFit]; will achieve the same result from Daniels Category

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When using swift i had to run this on main thread using dispatch_async(dispatch_get_main_queue(),{}); –  Zeezer Mar 24 at 9:54

Use [label sizeToFit]; to adjust the text in UILabel

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I created some methods based Daniel's reply above.

-(CGFloat)heightForLabel:(UILabel *)label withText:(NSString *)text
    CGSize maximumLabelSize     = CGSizeMake(290, FLT_MAX);

    CGSize expectedLabelSize    = [text sizeWithFont:label.font

    return expectedLabelSize.height;

-(void)resizeHeightToFitForLabel:(UILabel *)label
    CGRect newFrame         = label.frame;
    newFrame.size.height    = [self heightForLabel:label withText:label.text];
    label.frame             = newFrame;

-(void)resizeHeightToFitForLabel:(UILabel *)label withText:(NSString *)text
    label.text              = text;
    [self resizeHeightToFitForLabel:label];
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@implementation UILabel (UILabel_Auto)

- (void)adjustHeight {

    if (self.text == nil) {
        self.frame = CGRectMake(self.frame.origin.x, self.frame.origin.y, self.bounds.size.width, 0);

    CGSize aSize = self.bounds.size;
    CGSize tmpSize = CGRectInfinite.size;
    tmpSize.width = aSize.width;

    tmpSize = [self.text sizeWithFont:self.font constrainedToSize:tmpSize];

    self.frame = CGRectMake(self.frame.origin.x, self.frame.origin.y, aSize.width, tmpSize.height);


This is category method. You must set text first, than call this method to adjust UILabel's height.

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There's also this approach:

[self.myLabel changeTextWithAutoHeight:self.myStringToAssignToLabel width:180.0f];

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