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Possible Duplicate:
Setting breakpoints in Java

Is there any way to programmatically set breakpoints in Java?

Assume you have the filename with the source code line:

How this can be done?

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This question has been asked before here. – Óscar López Jan 10 '12 at 0:17
Yes, but I asked for an example how programatically to do that. There are given only explanations which I couldn't figure out how to apply concretely. – 100798 Jan 10 '12 at 10:28

Back in the days of VisualAge Jave, I did this with


This is something that would have to be supported by the IDE, and would break if the IDE dependencies were not present. As fas I know there are no IDEs today that support this.

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Up vote for VisualAge goodness, things like this make me miss Smalltalk so much! – akuhn Nov 13 '12 at 23:54

The Eclipse IDE does not allow you to set a breakpoint from your java code.

However, it does allow you to set conditional breakpoints. With a conditional breakpoint, you can tell Eclipse to only break on a line after some Java expression evaluates to true. You can only tell it to break after some number of iterations. These modes should suffice for almost every usecase.

To enable a conditional breakpoint, right-click on a breakpoint and go to "Breakpoint properties".

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  • I had the same problem but with 10000 files of java which i wanted to search for some string and put breakpoints based on that search.
  • You can generate xml file containing all breakpoints you need.
  • How to get that xml file structure?? simply go to debug mode --> right click ->Export breakpoints->then save the file that file and see how it is constructed.

  • what i did that i searched all the files line by line and generated that xml file and imported it to eclipse.

-You may wonder that how you can loop through 10000 file line by line as it will take a lot of time,you are right but what i did to overcome this is by inserting all lines into indexed field on mysql db.

-I know your case is not that complex but i hope it gives you an may come with something even better.

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