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I'm just learning jason and nothings working. I'm trying to creat a object with 3 arrays. I tried top do it 2 ways

this.serverReply={ parent: {comments: ["ted","pop"]}, {links:["link1","link2"]}, {Dates:["link1","link2"]} };


           {comments: ["ted","pop"]},

I get a syntex error saying invalid propery. I cannot figure out why, Ted

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Every property of an object needs to have a name, which is specified like this:

var obj = { name: "value", another: "value2" };

Arrays are specified with square brackets, and do not have named elements:

var arr = ["value", "value2"];

From that point on, it depends on what you want to do. In both your examples you try to specify object properties without giving them names. Try this instead:

    comments: ["ted","pop"], 
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Quotes them all, you will be able to use any key and value, includes javascript keywords.

    "comments": ["ted","pop"], 
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