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I can't find an equivalent of Selenium IDE that works with Chrome.

Does anyone know the way to use Selenium IDE works with Chrome instead of Firefox? Or is there any alternative tool which can work with Chrome?

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artejera, do you mean Selenium as plugin to your browser (Selenium IDE)? Here is something for automation in Google Chrome.

But if you want to work with Selenium RC, just set up browser in your test script. There is setBrowser() method in Selenium.

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If by any chance you are talking about "Selenium 2. Webdriver" – you need Chrome driver.

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Well ... no, I think the more complete description would be "Selenium IDE". – artejera Jan 10 '12 at 23:22
@Misha Akovantsev: The question is ragarding Selenium IDE, Not about WebDriver. Only Firefox supports Selenium IDE. – Ripon Al Wasim Jul 5 '13 at 4:58

you can use Google chrome extensions like imacros, scirocco on chrome 21 or later versions. they are similar to selenium IDE for Firefox. Scirocco seems to be new with some limitations like navigation is not supported. So, I recommend 'imacros', seems very close to selenium.

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You can use Sahi with Chrome. Sahi Test Automation tool supports Chrome, Firefox and IE. You can visit for details:

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this owuld be more useful if it wasn't so expensive, and if it was actually a browser plugin – yochannah Aug 13 '14 at 8:15

See Scirocco Recorder For Chrome. It does IDE recording for Selenium 2 on Chrome.

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I think this is a good answer to the question. But the application is not very good and you are far better off using the Firefox version if you can. – oden Oct 12 '15 at 11:15

doesn't exists yet , but seems to be in development currently . check link below

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This project is dead :( – oden Oct 12 '15 at 11:13

You need to add webdriver for chrome using nuget package as shown in the figure.

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There is not a Google Chrome extension comparable to Selenium IDE.

Scirocco is only a partial (and reportedly unreliable) implementation.

There is another plugin, the Bug Buster Test Recorder, but it only works with their service. I don't know it's effectiveness.

Sahi and TestComplete can also record, but neither are free, and are not browser plugins.

iMacros is a plugin that allows record and playback, but is not geared towards testing, and is not compatible with Selenium.

It sounds like there is a demand for a tool like this, and Firefox is becoming unsupported by Selenium. So, while I know Stack Overflow isn't the forum for this, anyone interested in helping make it happen, let me know.

I'd be interested in what the limitations are and why it hasn't been done. Is it just that the official Selenium team doesn't want to support it, or is there a technical limitation?

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While you cannot record tests using the Selenium IDE in Chrome (or any other browser other than FF), you can run them (from the IDE) in Chrome, IE and other browsers using the Webdriver playback feature of Selenium 2 IDE. Tests will need to be recorded and launched from FF - Chrome will launch before the first step of the test is executed. Instructions for setup and test execution are here and here. You will need to install Selenium 2 IDE (if you haven't already done so) and the Chrome Webdriver Server executable - both are available for download on the Selenium HQ website.

NOTE: If the above meets your needs, you may also want to consider just converting all your tests to Selenium Webdriver (which means they would be all code and no longer run from the Selenium IDE). This would be a better solution from the perspective of test maintenance and simplicity of execution. The Selenium documentation (on the Selenium website) has more information on the process to convert Selenium IDE tests to Webdriver.

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