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Instead of using DBClientConnection class, I am using DBClientBase class. I am successfully able to connect to the DB but not able to insert a document.

Here is how my code looks like-

DBClientBase *conn = NULL;
string err_msg;
ConnectionString cs = ConnectionString::parse(connString, err_msg);

if (!cs.isValid()) {
 throw "bad: " + err_msg;

try {
conn = cs.connect(err_msg);
} catch (DBException &e) {
 cout << "caught " << err_msg << endl;
return 1;

if (!conn){
   cout<<"Unable to connect to DB"<<endl;
   return 1;

BSONObjBuilder b;
b.append("name", "Joe");
b.append("age", 33);
BSONObj p = b.obj();


the compiler gives error request for member ‘insert’ in ‘conn’, which is of non-class type ‘mongo::DBClientBase*’

Is there an example somewhere on how to use DBClientBase class to insert documents?

Also, I cannot seem to find what is the use of flags in virtual void insert (const string &ns, BSONObj obj, int flags=0) as mentioned here

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conn is a pointer to a DBClientBase, you should use -> instead:

conn->insert("db.coll", p, 0);
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