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Is there a way to strip binding tags from an ember.js infused handlebars template? I would like to be able to extract just the html without any of the metamorph script tags.

I have this related question but wanted to ask this more general question as well.

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You can use the unbound Handlebars helper to do this at the individual property level.

There is work being done on an #unbound block helper, which would be nice for what you're trying to do:

Another approach is to, in your views, specify a plain Handlebars template. None of the output will be bound.

App.UnboundView = Ember.View.extend({
  template: Handlebars.compile("output is: {{msg}} here"),
  msg: "not bound"

Here's a jsFiddle example:

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Here's a better way

{{unbound propertyName}}

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In case anyone needs this functionality, I created a small jquery plugin to do it:

# Small extension to create a clone of the element without
# metamorph binding tags and ember metadata

  safeClone: ->
    clone = $(@).clone()

    # remove content bindings

    # remove attr bindings
    clone.find('*').each ->
      $this = $(@)
      $.each $this[0].attributes, (index, attr) ->
        return if'data-bindattr') == -1

    # remove ember IDs

Still hoping there is a better way.

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Would you happen to know if there is a better way in the new version of Ember? – Denzo Mar 7 '13 at 5:09

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