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I am interested in testing flyway and if I am not wrong I read that it supports db changes both through java and SQL. I am a dba and familiar with SQL but not java.
I read through the “Getting Started” page and wanted to try out the sample application available under the “Downloads tab” link however I couldn’t find any readme document explaining the available downloads which appeared to contain .jar files.

Q) is there an instruction manual for a newbies to explain how to put together this sample application?

Q) can one uses flyway without knowing java? If yes, please provide any how-to url/notes/documents available. If not do you have any how-to for one to get started with java just enough to operate this tool?

Thanks Bob

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JBCP's answer is excellent. You don't need Java at all. We have a Java application, and still use the command line exclusively for DB updates. –  orbfish Jan 16 at 16:45
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I think you might find the command line tool useful:


As it says on the website:

The Flyway command-line tool is meant for users who

  • do not run their applications on the JVM
  • wish to migration their database from the command-line without having to install Maven

You may need to browse the source code to figure out some more details:


Although I think you should be able to adapt the regular documentation to the CLI option.

Try starting here:


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