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I am new to rails and am writing a daily report email template.

I am Outputting unique visitors, and calculating the difference between the 2 and displaying that as well with a + or - sign depending on if its positive or negative.

Is there a better way to do this? Should I not be doing math inside the view?

Unique Visitors: <%= number_with_delimiter(@stats["unique_visitors"]) %>
<% uniquediff = @stats["unique_visitors"] - @stats["unique_visitors_yesterday"] %> 
(<% if uniquediff > 0 then %> + <% else %> - <% end %> <%= uniquediff %>)<br />
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("+" if uniquediff>=0)+uniquediff.to_s

.to_s turns uniquediff to a string, and the ("+" if uniquediff>=0) bit evaluates to "+" if uniquediff is greater than or equal to zero, and nothing otherwise.. and you will already have a "-" if it is negative. =]

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How about this:

<% unique_diff = @stats['unique_visitors'] - @stats['unique_visitors_yesterday'] %>
<%= "Unique Visitors: #{number_with_delimiter(@stats['unique_visitors'])} #{'+' if unique_diff > 0}#{unique_diff}" %><br/>
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It's recommended to do logical stuff in HELPER(and it's what a helper should do).

# In helper, eg. application_helper.rb
def unique_diff(stats)
  unique_diff = stats['unique_visitors'] - stats['unique_visitors_yesterday']
  (unique_diff > 0) ? "+#{unique_diff}" : "#{unique_diff}"

# In view
Unique Visitors Diff: <%= unique_diff @stat %>
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thanks where do helpers go for mailers? –  pablo Jan 10 '12 at 16:53
helpers are for all kinds of views, so mailers views can invoke method in normal helpers too. –  Yuanfei Zhu Jan 11 '12 at 7:21

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