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In brief:

  • Looking for a Messaging platform for a small startup co. Please advise.


I am looking for a replacement to our messaging platform. The code already in place is JMS compliant. Currently - Apache ActiveMQ. Happy with its feature set. Not happy with its High Availability (HA). Not happy with the reliability either.

Investigated the commercial counterpart - FuseBroker first, of course. Have experience with SonicMQ (same Progress Software), IBM WebShpereMQ. The latter two do not fit our budget, to start with.

Considering now RabbitMQ as an option (in testing).

Concerns (if moving to AMQP):

  • AMQP is not JMS - we'll face serious code change;
  • AMQP future is not that clear yet (to the folks like myself);
  • We are that sure yet about Rabbit (or other AMQP provider) HA results - any hints are really appreciated here.

Your advice on:

  • Where could a small startup move from ActiveMQ to get a reliable (HA) messaging?

We have < 40 msgs/sec; we have few large msgs (~1-3 MBytes)/sec as well.

Thank you.


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ActiveMQ supports 3 different methods by which you can get HA set up:

  • shared nothing (pure) master slave that works via replication,
  • shared file system master-slave,
  • and shared database master-slave.

See the ActiveMQ Clustering Guide for more details. HA is one of it's core pieces of functionality and works well in very demanding environments. If you can elaborate which part of your HA setup you are having trouble with, perhaps you could get your issue resolved, rather than switching products.

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Jake, We faced the issues with KahaDB, AMQ v.5.4.1 (shared fs Master/Slave). After ~few weeks of normal operation AMQ would fail to process messages - too many open files (Ubuntu 10.04). We don't see it after switching to shared DB M/S. It could be due to our client code as well; investigating. Thank you. –  Serge Nik Apr 13 '12 at 1:10

Since your first requirement is HA, I would suggest you try for commercial product. See if Tibco EMS fits in your budget.

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TejasArjun, Tibco EMS is great; we are not yet budget-ready. Thank you. –  Serge Nik Apr 13 '12 at 1:13

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