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I am from china. This is my first topic. I ran into some difficulties. It is about Facebook wall.

I according to the following website http://www.moskjis.com/other-platforms/publish-facebook-page-wall-from-your-site , when I enter https://login.facebook.com/code_gen.php?api_key=YOUR_API_KEY&v=1.0

It seems that new Facebook version seem app_id and app_key is same,

my App_ID/API_Key is xxxxxxxxxx [blocked sensitive content] replace with YOUR_API_KEY, but the result is

An error occurred. Please try later

My English is poor, do you understand what my issue is? you know, Facebook is cut-out in China. Only a few people use it,so I come to this for help.

enter image description here

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you really shouldn't display your api key publicly like this. it's a secret between you and facebook. –  davogotland Jan 10 '12 at 5:17

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your secret key and ID shouldnt be the same. Go to developer's app and check from there. Hope this helps

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I find a lot of information,I am sure they are same,and facebook page show data like this(App ID/API Key) –  xujinliang Jan 10 '12 at 6:50

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