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We recently shifted our web app to new server and after moving into the new server we are facing a weird issue where the web app hangs and we have to recycle the application pool after few hours to get the web app working again.

The Web application running on Windows 2K3 R2 with ASP.NET 1.1, SQL 2000, IIS becomes unresponsive at times, and when i recycle my application pool it works fine. Then again after an hour or two it hangs again.

I have tried lot of things but still nothing has helped. I added SP4 to SQL 2000, updated the server with latest windows patches. We pushed up the bandwidth from 2mbps to 8 didnt help....then i found a link where it said to turn off the hyperthreading feature of the server from BIOS & assign only 1 processor to SQL server...i did that...the website worked fine for 16hrs...then it did the same thing again and its still is the link for that...

Then we went ahead and formatted the entire server & did a fresh installation of the same hoping there might be some issue with the installation...but it didnt help either...

There is no other web app in the entire server so theres no use of creating a seperate app pool for the web app.

Also when the website gets stuck, i cannot access the website locally from the server too.

Interesting thing i found was that when it gets stuck, only the pages that are fetching data from SQL are affected not the other pages that have only html.

Also, this website worked perfectly on the old server without any issues for over 5 years, so i dont think theres any issue of sql query or deadlocks in the sql.

Anyone ever faced such situation, please help me out.


Update 14/01/2012

I recently tried something and found out that the IIS gets stuck. What i did is i passed the connection string of the database to the same application on my test server & when the website got stuck i tried to access a page that draws data from SQL and it worked fine even when the website was stuck, so the problem is with the IIS not with the database.

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Were you running IIS 6 with SQL Server 2000 on your old server as well? – bdares Jan 10 '12 at 6:03
yes............ – Anabik Jan 10 '12 at 6:27

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