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Ok, I searched, but didn't come up with my exact issue...

I load a jqModal with a hidden div that contains a contact form which posts to process page via $.ajax All works fine. The response message displays in the modal box and user can then exit out of modal.

The issue is when the modal get's re-triggered (without a parent page refresh), it displays the response text from the previous usage of the modal. I'd like to reload the hidden div on the parent page with the blank form.

   var pStartTime = $('#eventStartTime').val();
   var eventDataString = 'startTime='+pStartTime;
      success: function(responseText){
         $('.addEventTitle').html('Success. Event Added.');

I've tried adding a call to reset the form elements (in the $.ajax success function), but not sure if it works because the form in the hidden div never shows again.

function resetForm(formid) {
    $('#' + formid + ' :input').each(function(){ 

Thanks for any insights.

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Hopefully you have found and answer by now :) I recently ran in to a similar problem with an ajax post. Basically what was happening is that the ajax request was being cached. My solution was to add

$.ajaxSetup({ cache: false });

to my script file. Let me know if it works for your situation.

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