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I have a problem in my page-based application. I have a page view controller in my root view controller. I've set the delegate and implemented the method in pageViewController:spineLocationForInterfaceOrientation: so my pageviewcontroller's spine location changed accordingly to interfaceOrientation. My portrait orientation will have a minimal spine location to support a single page, landscape will have a middle spine location to support double page.

One of my view controller in it presented another view controller on fullscreen. If I dismiss it after the orientation is changed, what I've got is a broken layout since the delegate method for asking the spine location isn't called.

Then I found an explanation in iOS 5.0 Release Notes (on UIKit) :

Rotation callbacks in iOS 5 are not applied to view controllers that are presented over a full screen. What this means is that if your code presents a view controller over another view controller, and then the user subsequently rotates the device to a different orientation, upon dismissal, the underlying controller (i.e. presenting controller) will not receive any rotation callbacks. Note however that the presenting controller will receive a viewWillLayoutSubviews call when it is redisplayed, and the interfaceOrientation property can be queried from this method and used to lay out the controller correctly.

It said that if you have a layout problem, you can get the interfaceOrientation from viewWillLayoutSubviews, and you can use it to lay out the controller correctly. This can be true for solving a simple layout problem, but my problem can't be solved just by knowing the orientation.

I've changed the presentation style to page sheet and form sheet, the delegate is fired and the spine changes, it worked perfectly. But no luck if I change it back to full screen. Is there any way to fire the delegate manually? Or, can we change spine location manually (i've tried init but have no luck)? Any idea how to tackle these problems?

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