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Quick question about the Dijit.Form.DateTextBox


This page contains the following: "also validates against developer-provided constraints like min, max, valid days of the week, etc."

I can't seem to find documentation allowing me to provide a constraint on the days of the week. For instance, i need to have a DateTextBox which only allows users to choose a date that occurs on a Sunday.

I'd appreciate any help with this. Thanks!

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I looked heavily into the source code for this, and I think the manual may be misleading you a bit - there's no way to do this using the object's constraints. The following quote from their user forums seems to back up my findings:

DateTextBox doesn't let you customize isDisabledDate at this time. It only lets you set min/max. You would probably have to patch or subclass DateTextBox to provide your own isDisabledDate implementation and check during validation.

You can see an example of such a subclass of DateTextBox at http://dojotoolkit.org/forum/dijit-dijit-0-9/dijit-support/datetextbox-mondays-only-selectable#comment-19508.

If that's too much work for you, DateTextBox DOES descend from dijit.form.ValidationTextBox, so we can use this widget's regExpGen to create a validator - it won't prevent us from selecting invalid dates, but it will cause dijit to mark the widget as invalid and give the user a 'The value entered is not valid'.

dijit.byId('toDate').regExpGen = function() { 
  if (dojo.date.locale.format(this.value, {datePattern: "E", selector: "date"}) == 6)
    return ".*";
  return "0";
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Is it possible to get access to the Calendar object which the DateTextBox contains. We have managed to disable weekends when we have access to this directly. –  Andrew Harmel-Law Aug 19 '10 at 8:00

A feature I hope to get to soon


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As it happens, the isDisabledDate function on the Calendar object inside a DateTextBox just calls rangeCheck on the DateTextBox itself. So, for your purposes, this will work:

dijit.byId('toDate').rangeCheck = function(date,constraints) {
  var day=date.getDay();
  return day===0;

You'd have to add the constraint logic back in if you ALSO wanted the min/max stuff, but this solves the problem as stated, and it's pretty short.

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