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I'm looking for static site generator which accepts Markdown documents as input source code. I used Markdoc, but it looks abandoned. And it doesn't copy static file in source document folder. So I'm installing docpad now. Anyway I want to try other implementations. Can you recommend some nice implementation like that site generator?

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7 Answers 7 is a crowd-sourced definitive listing of all the static site generators, their github stars, their website, their language, created and updated dates, etc.

+1 for DocPad, I've found Jekyll to be quite crippling with it's lack of extensibility (not enough markups supported, difficult to filter documents in content listings based on certain criteria, hard to write extensions, etc...)

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Cabin is a node.js static site generator powered by Grunt. It currently has three beautiful blogging themes available out of the box. Getting started takes like 45 seconds. Here are the available themes, with links to installing each:

Candy Theme

Blok Theme

Canvas Theme

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links are not working anymore – Jens Nov 12 '14 at 21:05

You can also take a look at nanoc, which is Ruby based and actively being developed, too.

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Jekyll is quite mature and actively being developped.

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Actually I decided to make my own implementation with markdown program. It was easier than configuring Jekyll to work. – Eonil Jan 11 '12 at 15:34

Poole is another one. Conceptually it's something in between plain Markdown to HTML conversion and more sophisticated site generators like Hyde.

Poole uses one global HTML skeleton file to inject the HTML versions of Markdown source pages into. Poole has basic support for generating content by embedding Python code in page source files. This is a dirty merge of content and logic but a pragmatic solution to get things done fast for simple sites. No need to learn a template or preprocessing engine.

Poole may be a good choice if you are familiar with Markdown and Python and if you want to build a rather simple site with only a spot of generated content.

Disclaimer: I'm the developer of Poole.

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If you are on a mac, I recommend Hammer ( Supports Markdown and also SASS (with Bourbon), CoffeeScript and HAML.

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I recently moved my blog from googlesites to node based Wintersmith. I am fairly impressed with the flexibility and markdown support it provides. Also there are several templates and open source referral websites available on their git repository.

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