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I'm trying to make it so when a model is created via created action it redirects to its show action. That part works fine, but I can't get my functional test to behave. These tests have been modified from what the scaffold provides.

  def setup
    @thing = Factory(:thing)
    assert(, "Virtual fixture not valid.")

  def test_create_valid
    post :create
    assert_redirected_to @thing

I'm using factory_girl in setup. When I run my tests I get this:

Expected response to be a redirect to but was a redirect to

I've done something very similar with my update action in this controller and the test looks the same, but it works. I'm a little confused as to what's going on.

Edit: Maximiliano points out below that this is probably because this creates a new record in the database, so it redirects to that one. How can I find the new record just created with the create post request?

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Figured it out with the help of Max (thannks!) To get the object that is created in the database I have to use assigns():

assert_redirected_to assigns(:thing)

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DISCLAIMER: (I haven't used factory girl yet... so take with a grain of salt) isn't your factory creating the database record? if it's so, you're creating it twice, one time with the factory, another with the controller; then it's normal that the new record has a different id from the factory one...

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Makes sense. How do I get the new record, so I can check that we redirect to it? – Mark A. Nicolosi May 18 '09 at 22:34

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