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Guys I am new to WPF .

I have a wpf page named StandardsDefault. In the code behind, StandardsDefault is inheriting Page, like all other pages.

<Page x:Class="namespace.StandardsDefault"

public partial class StandardsDefault : Page

Now I have created a new class CountryStandards which is inheriting StandardsDefault instead of page.

<Page x:Class="namespace.CountryStandards"

public partial class CountryStandards : StandardsDefault

I have not changed the XAML . I am getting the error as

"Partial declarations of 'CountryStandards' must not specify different base classes"

I think the problem may be that the designer is not inheriting the same class. But I need to somehow implement inheritance since there are many common methods which are to be used in many standard pages like CountryStandards

Can anyone help me out?

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have you followed all the steps in stackoverflow.com/questions/1297433/… to set the base class of CountryStandards correctly? –  Andras Zoltan Jan 10 '12 at 9:25

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You have to change your CountryStandards XAML to:

<src:StandardsDefault x:Class="namespace.CountryStandards" 
    xmlns:src="NamespaceOfStandardsDefault" ... />

There is a good article about inheriting from a custom Window/Page in WPF.

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In your CountryStandards.xaml you should write

<StandardsDefault x:Class="namespace.CountryStandards"...
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Why the downvotes? Explain your votes. –  cullub Aug 29 '14 at 11:59

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