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I have implemented ChangedHandler interface and overrided onChanged method.

     public class ActionHandler implements ChangedHandler { 
     public void onChanged(ChangedEvent event) { 
            FormItem formItem = event.getItem(); 
            DynForm parent = (DynForm) event.getForm(); 

In above code if change-event is associated with a boolean field (widget is checkbox), I get the same DynForm (in parent variable) instance which I rendered in the view (which is what I expect). But when ActionHandler is associated with other types of field like string or selection type widget, I get a new instance of the DynForm (in parent variable).

Is this a bug or there is some reason for this difference for same event with different type of widget?

Actually, I have extended DynForm and in this class I have set some parameters, which I require (in my performAction function) while the different formItem fire their event.

So, I require same instance of DynForm which Is rendered in the view, in all cases when this event is fired, is this possible?


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