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Trying to use the form editor that is integrated into QTCreator, but even when I place my plugin into QtCreator.app/Contents/MacOS/designer it doesn't show up. The same dylib file does work with the standalone designer app, though.

QTCreator version info: QTCreator 1.1.0 (Based on QT Version 4.5.1) Designer version info: Version 4.5.1

Any hints? This webpage: http://labs.trolltech.com/page/Projects/Tools/QtCreator/FAQ, suggested that I have a versioning problem, but that seems nutty as I'm using "pure" 4.5 (clean install and all that)...

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I basically gave up getting creator to load the custom widget dynamically and used promotion instead :) –  Dan O May 18 '09 at 23:35

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Have you made the linker references for the plugin correct? Try

otool -L /path/to/plugin/dylib

on the plugin binary and see if it's able to reference the Qt libs correctly assuming @executable_path is the designer binary

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In QT 4.7, QT Designer plugins should be copied to /qt-install-dir/plugins/designer. Please note, plugins should be created as release not debug!

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