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I installed MonoDevelop and want to use its design view editor. After a bit of browsing I came accross ASP.NET Visual Designer which is supposed to be a part of the IDE. I used the Ubuntu Software Center to install the MonoDevelop application, so I guess it should have downloaded the latest version.

Here is the extract from the mono develop website.

AspNetEdit does not aim to be a complete IDE. After being developed as a proof-of-concept standalone editor, it now has been integrated into MonoDevelop

How can I switch to the designer view?

After opening the IDE I am unable to find the designer view anywhere. Do I need to install some kind of a add-in for this?

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I don't think that the designer is included in the current releases of Mono. I would say that what you see on that page is old and must have been removed from the stable releases. –  startupsmith Jan 10 '12 at 11:30
@lanks Thanks for the reply. So, is there any design view support for ASP.NET in MonoDevelop? –  Arnab Chakraborty Jan 10 '12 at 12:23
I don't think so. I know that when you are in the template view you can bring up a side pane with all of the asp.net controls. You can select controls and it will insert the control source into your template source. –  startupsmith Jan 10 '12 at 12:37

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Monodevelop lacks a lot on this area. A lot of developers, like me, don't use visual designer a lot but I consider important for some people. MD don't have it and also html/css editor is very limited right now but improvements are planned (a lot of cool stuff).

MD as been evolving fast these days but more focused on MonoTouch.

For now you could use and external html/css editor for now. I still use Visual Studio 2010 for this.

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AspNetEdit can install by Add-ins from http://mjhutchinson.com/files/md/main.mrep

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