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I have multiple extensions in the Filter property of OpenFileDialog. Is possible to hide the extensions and show only the description?


dialog.Filter = "Image files|*.bmp;*.jpg; many image file extensions here"

I want to show only the text: "Image files" in the file type combo box because the extension string is very long. Is this possible?

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This should work:

    dialog.Filter = "All Supported Audio | *.mp3; *.wma | MP3s | *.mp3 | WMAs | *.wma";
    dialog.AutoUpgradeEnabled = false; //using FileDialog.AutoUpgradeEnabled = false it will display the old XP sytle dialog box, which then displays correctly
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dialog.Filter = "Image files (*.bmp)|*.bmp;*.jpg"

will only display "Image files (*.bmp)" in the combo box while still showing files with all the specified extensions.

Or you could do

dialog.Filter = "Image files (*.bmp;...)|*.bmp;*.jpg"

to indicate that it looks for files with extension bmp and some other extensions.

This might depend on the OS. I tested with Windows 7.

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It should work exactly as you wrote in your question:

dialog.Filter = "Image files|*.bmp;*.jpeg;*.jpg;*.png;*.gif"
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No, it doesn't. At least Windows 7 (and probably also Vista) automatically appends "(*.bmp;*.jpg;other extensions)" to the displayed text. –  Henrik Jan 10 '12 at 10:46
Oh, ok - that's not something the documentation states... It also wasn't the case on XP, so: sorry if I got it wrong :-) –  Thorsten Dittmar Jan 10 '12 at 13:56

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