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I want to enable the "Debug" option for a specific plugin of my deployed RCP application. But how can I do that? Do I have to open the jar of the bundle a manipulate the .options-File? Or is there a working copy somewhere in the installation folder?

This document says the .options-File can found in the installation directory of the RCP-App, but there is nothing.

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Debug options are set using .options file as you already discovered. This file usually contains lines like:


...where the first line enables debugging for the plugin as a whole and the second line enables specific debug option.

If a plugin uses debug tracing then it is a good practice to include .options file when a plugin is deployed, but this is not a requirement (for example, org.eclipse.core.runtime does have it). So, if the plugin that you want to enable debugging for has the .options file then you can copy it to your application installation directory. If not, then you need to figure out which options are used and create it yourself.

.options file will only be used with -debug command line argument. You can also specify location of .options file after -debug.

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What exactly does the -debug argument? Does it set all debug-attributes of all bundles to true? Or does it force the App to use to .options from the installation directory instead of the bundle ones? –  Chriss Jan 11 '12 at 18:56
-debug just turns on the tracing mechanism and makes Eclipse look into the .options file and enable tracing options according to that. The .options files in bundles are not used at all during runtime (unless explicitly specified as a parameter), those are included with plugins only for reference. –  Martti Käärik Jan 11 '12 at 19:45
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