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I have a question about EDI document (either x12 or edifact format), Does anyone know that can it contain a NUL (0x00) character inside? Since I am implementing an EDI parser and parsing terminates once it encounters NUL char.


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yes, of course it can. in edifact, there are character sets, eg UNOA, UNOB, UNOC. 0x00 is not part of UNOA, but it is part of UNOC (AFAIK). x12: I am not sure. They have rules, but AFAIK not well followed. btw, for an open source edifact/x12 parser see: http://bots.sourceforge.net

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what I try to say with: "yes of course it can" is: you can expect anything to come in. But it is not always valid. –  eppye Jan 10 '12 at 18:04

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