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I have ModelFactoryService, which is responsible for creating ViewModels. It create ViewModel itself and add all necessary data(for listboxes etc.) to ViewBag for later use by View.

Here is IModelFactoryService interface:

public interface IModelFactoryService
    TranslationViewModel CreateTranslationViewModel(dynamic viewBag, TranslationViewModel.TranslationFormModel translationFormModel = null);
    TranslationViewModel.TranslationFormModel CreateTranslationFormModel();

    InterpretationViewModel CreateInterpretationViewModel(dynamic viewBag, InterpretationViewModel.InterpretationFormModel interpretationFormModel = null);
    InterpretationViewModel.InterpretationFormModel CreateInterpretationFormModel();

I would rather pass ViewBag(from current Controller) through constructor, like this:

public class ModelFactoryService : IModelFactoryService
    private readonly IRepository _repository;
    private readonly ICacheService _cacheService;
    private readonly dynamic _viewBag;

    #region ctor

    public ModelFactoryService(IRepository repository, ICacheService cacheService, dynamic viewBag)
        _repository = repository;
        _cacheService = cacheService;
        _viewBag = viewBag;


I use StructureMap as IoC/DI container, but i dont know how to configure it. Any advice?

PS: I did not found better way how to pass additional data(for ListBoxes etc.) to Views. I dont want my Views to access DB(that's bad thing) and if i pass data as model's properties than they are accessible only by that model not by any partial or master page like they are in Viewbag..

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You might want to have a look at "Ninject" to do the setup… – Sitnam Jan 11 '12 at 9:22
Ok, the problem is, i dont know how to configure StructureMap(or even any IoC/DI container) to inject ViewBag dependency. May be it is not possible, becouse at the time of container configuration(Application_Start), there is no reference to ViewBag controller property. – Skorunka František Jan 12 '12 at 11:13

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