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I've got a problem - I'm using ShareKit 2.0, and while I'm testing on iOs 5.0.1 I get some memory leaks when I'm trying to share on Twitter. To be exact, at the moment when native ios5 twitter window pops-up, and when i hit "send". The problem seems to be in TWSession. When I'm testing on iOS 4.3, and using custom sharekit twitter window there are no leaks. Any idea on how to fix it? Will this be an issue on the approval process? I'm not using ARC btw.

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I have never heard of an app being rejected for a small memory leak. Also, unless the whole point of your app is to send tweets, users are unlikely to send enough tweets to make a big difference (annoying as any leak is).

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Oh, good to know. I thought that any memory leak is a reason for rejection. Sending tweets is just an additional feature in my app. –  Drabuna Jan 10 '12 at 11:42
Still worth trying to track down the leak if you can, but I released an app with the older ShareKit, which has all sorts of Analyzer warnings about memory management. I can't remember if I looked for leaks at runtime, but it's such a secondary feature for me as well that I just didn't worry much. –  David Dunham Jan 10 '12 at 17:43

What I have also found the codes caused leaks are as the followings:

Leaked Object # Address Size Responsible Library Responsible Frame NSMallocBlock,1 0xf641c50 32 Bytes Twitter -[TWInFlightSessionCallInfo setRemoteCall:] TWInFlightSessionCallInfo,1 0xf676380 16 Bytes Twitter -[TWSession emptyCallInfo] Malloc 16 Bytes,1 0xf6457c0 16 Bytes Twitter -[TWSession recordAndIssueCallInfo:] Malloc 128 Bytes,2 < multiple > 256 Bytes libdispatch.dylib dispatch_queue_create$VARIANT$up NSLock,1 0xf64b450 64 Bytes Twitter -[TWSession init] TWSession,1 0xf62c3e0 32 Bytes Twitter -[TWTweetComposeViewController session] NSMutableArray,1 0x2c8540 32 Bytes Twitter -[TWSession init] NSMallocBlock,1 0x1084ebb0 32 Bytes Twitter -[TWInFlightSessionCallInfo setRemoteCall:]

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