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I want to perform Remote Procedure Calls between Android and Desktop.

If RMI was there,it would have been mine choice. But android does not support Java-RMI.

Can anybody suggest similar and simple RPC mechanisms that i can use as easily as RMI,without worrying about lower layer transport layer implementations

Kindly give me the alternative for RMI in android

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I think you may be able to use different strategies: - Web Services calls using SOAP, XML RPC, using Rest invokations types.....many strategies - alternatives to Web Services available like the one provided in Spring Remoting with Burlap/Hessian protocols (you are not obliged to be tied with Spring to use such strategies) Main idea is to use as core component a protocol managed by your android device : HTTP...

HTH Jerome

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RPC is generally a lousy technique, especially for remote operation. And it's not supported in most UI environments because you're never supposed to "wait". Far better to use some sort of a request/response approach.

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Another option is Versile Java (full disclosure: I am one of the developers). It is in development but already quite stable, so you may want to have a look. Here is a demo which shows an Android client using Versile Platform to interact with a python based service running on a desktop.

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