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I implement a custom ServletContextListener and place the breakpoints on both the contextInitialized() and contextDestroyed().

When starting the web application using WTP , contextInitialized() can be stopped by the debugger. But when I shut down the web application , the breakpoints in the contextDestroyed() do not work and the web application just shutdown . Is it possible and how to use debugger to debug contextDestroyed() in eclipse ?

I want to check if the resource used can be released properly during the shut-down of the web application.

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Did you try to create a new empty webapp project and try to debug contextDestroyed? –  Özhan Düz Jan 10 '12 at 11:56

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The contextDestroyed() will only be called when you gracefully shuts down the server by opening the Servers view and rightclicking the server instance and choosing Stop, or by hitting the red button in the Servers view whose tooltip says Stop the server.

It will not be called when you terminate the server altogether by hitting the red button in the Console view whose tooltip says Terminate. Terminating (killing) is not the same as stopping.

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Balusc: As the code in contextDestroyed() method is not executed because of the termination(killing), does all the objects that are being initialized in contextInitialized() method will get destroyed? –  srk Feb 10 '13 at 8:22

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