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I started using ModX yesterday. Prepared my multilingual website using this tutorial: http://www.multilingual-modx.com/blog/2011/multilingual-websites-with-modx-and-babel.html.

Everything works perfectly. I have two contexts: web (domain.com - English) and nl (domain.nl - Dutch). I translated main resource for nl context as well as other resources.

I faced only one problem: why domain.com returns error 404? It works perfectly for domain.nl/index but cannot make it working for domain.nl.

Any suggestions?

Just noticed, that Wayfinder is generating domain.nl/index URL for translation of main resource. Weird.

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You need to set up site_start variable under Context Settings tab. You need to provide an ID of the existing and published resource.

Please follow this link for more informations.

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The tutorial you linked mentions only the parameters site_url and cultureKey to be set for every context. You should also set http_host to domain.com/domain.nl and site_start to the id of your desired "home resource" for each context in the context settings.

You can probably fit this description from the modX manual to your needs. (although it is for running a multilingual page with different subdomains).

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