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I need to trigger an action on a remote server using an http POST request. The server sends a response, either Y or N, to inform me if the action suceeded or not.

I am looking at using HttpWebRequest to do this, but this seems too complex. To use this class you have to set all the headers, such as content type and content length.

Is there a quicker way to send a POST request that doesn't require setting lower level properties such as this?

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Try this WebClient

 // Create a new WebClient instance.
 WebClient myWebClient = new WebClient();
 byte[] responseArray = myWebClient.UploadData("YOUR URI","POST","DATA to be Posted");
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You can try with WebClient class. It's much more simpler and it's basically a wrapper for HttpWebRequest. It encapsulate all this complex logic you're trying to avoid.

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I think the easiest built in class in the framework is WebClient. Scott Hanselman has an example on how to perform gets and posts using it. This SO answer also has a good overview on how to post data.

If you have control over the server you're posting to, you might want to consider making it respond with HTTP status codes instead of some custom method.

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the wcf web api project has an http client. It's super easy to use.

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