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I am trying here to make a few left joins into a linq query but I'd say I rather have no idea how to materialize this idea.

Basically here is the 3 database structures I want to play with.

id | name

tag_id | event_id

id | name | some-other-fields

so for each events there is a one-to-many relation with tags, an event can then have one or more tags.

I'd like to know how to search an event based on a tag or how can I, based from an event id know the associated tags ?

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To search event by tag, I think you can write something like:

var tagsIds = from t in DataContext.Tags
              where t.Name == "sometag"
              select t.id;

var eventsByTag = from et in DataContext.EventTags
                  where tagsIds.Contains(et.tag_id)
                  select et.Event;

To get the tags for an event:

var tagsByEvent = from et in myEvent.EventTags
                  select et.Tag;

For the latter, for convenience, you can put it in a property of Events:

public List<Tag> Tags
      List<Tag> tags = (from et in this.EventTags
                        select et.Tag).ToList();
      return tags;

And just refer to myEvent.Tags where you need them.

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You were the nearest one. I just dropped the events_tags db and kept only tags and added event_id as foreign key. Easier to manage that way. Not sure tho what it will be for performance later on. –  Erick May 20 '09 at 6:37

To find the event names for a specified tag name, you could do this:

Console.WriteLine("\nEvents tagged as .NET:\n");

(from evtTag in ctx.EventsTags
 join tag in ctx.Tags on evtTag.TagID equals tag.ID
 where tag.Name == ".NET"
 join evt in ctx.Events on evtTag.EventID equals evt.ID
 select evt)
 .ForEach(evt => Console.WriteLine(evt.Name));

Similarly, you can search for tags with a specific event name like this:

Console.WriteLine("\nTags for TechEd:\n");

(from evtTag in ctx.EventsTags
 join evt in ctx.Events on evtTag.EventID equals evt.ID
 where evt.Name == "TechEd"
 join tag in ctx.Tags on evtTag.TagID equals tag.ID
 select tag)
 .ForEach(tag => Console.WriteLine(tag.Name));

Notice how I started with the join table, joined and filtered on the table with the known value, and then joined to the table with the values searched for.


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Are you wanting to do a many to many join here, looks that way.... Linq to sql does not support this...here is a great article


And this one from Scott Guthrie is useful in getting to grips with the basics


hope that helps

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Thanks for the tip, helped a bit, I modified my db for more easy way to work. –  Erick May 20 '09 at 6:36

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