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Created application is working toooo slow, looks like there are a lot of memory leaks, there are a lot of pointers. So, please, can you advice some effective tool for run-time errors and memory leaks detection in Visual Studio C++?

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You can use deleaker. It must help you.

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Excellent solution! Best debugger! –  MastAvalons May 31 '12 at 21:06

I know 2 good tools for windows: Purify and Insure++.

For linux: Valgrind.

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If you use the debug version of the CRT library , you can use find all memory leaks very easily.

Basically after including appropriate headers you call


somewhere in the beginning of you program.

Before the program exits you should call


Which dumps all the memory leaks to Debug Output Window.

But the application being slow might be unrelated to memory leaks, For performance profiling you can follow directions as per Find Application Bottlenecks with Visual Studio Profiler

For catching bad C++ constructs at compile time, you can use the static code analysis feature of Visual Studio 2010 or later.

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You should debug your code to know what is causing run time errors.Using pointers is not bad because they are required in any c++ programming for creating dynamic object allocation and references(some times they are good to avoid memory leaks).Don't forget that c++ is not a garbage collected language, so you are responsible to deallocate your objects by your self by adding destructors to your classes.Moreover, there are a lot profilers that help you profiling your code and memory

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