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I've copied my repository to the new server.

In the meantime, I've made some changes on my project, so I want to post a Commit to the new server.

I've changed the svn UUID on the new server to be the same as it is on the old server - 1c8601b0-280a-384e-84ca-1910148bfb83.

When I'm in the project folder, I set the TortoiseSVN > Relocate and I pass the new server's URL. THen I get the error:

enter image description here

I'm wondering why I get this error because taking into account that the UUIDs (1c8601b0-280a-384e-84ca-1910148bfb83) are the same.

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If want you want to force subversion to use the same UUID for the new repository as the old repository, you need to add --force-uuid to your svnadmin load command.

Or you could do as follows:

  1. Create repository archive with all the contents.
  2. Transfer archive to another server
  3. Extract archive at the target server
  4. Run svnadmin using -r property with the value having path to extracted repository.

In other words, just copy repository contents and transfer it to the proper destination.

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