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I have an instance of UIScrollView with images inside it. It is possible to scroll the scroll view horizontally, and view more images. I want to magnify the images, according the their distance from the middle of the scroll view, so it should look like this.

I thought about the simplest way to do that, using the following code:

- (void) scrollViewDidScroll:(UIScrollView *)scrollView {
    //Change the frames of all the visible images here.

This way does not work smoothly on some of the preceding devices, such as iPod 2G.

Is there a better way to perform the image magnification than the one I described? If so, please let me know.



This is the implementation of the body of the method above:

-(void) magnifyImages {
    //This method magnifies all the images.
    for (NSString *name in [imagesDict allKeys]) {
        UIImageView *imageView = [imagesDict objectForKey:name];
        [self magnifyImageView:imageView];

static float kMaxMagnification = 1.5;

-(void) magnifyImageView:(UIImageView *)imageView {
    CGRect frame = imageView.frame;
    float imageMiddleLine = frame.origin.x+frame.size.width/2-scrollView.contentOffset.x;
    //Check if the image's middle line is visible = whether it is needed to magnify the image.
    if (imageMiddleLine +frame.size.width/2>0
    && imageMiddleLine-frame.size.width/2<scrollView.frame.size.width) {
        float magnification = fabs(160-imageMiddleLine);
        //Mathematical formula that calculates the magnification.
        magnification = (kMaxMagnification-1)*(kDeviceWidth/2-magnification)/160+1;
        //'normalImageSize' is a property of the image that returns the image's normal size (when not magnified).
        CGSize imgSize = imageView.normalImageSize;
                     imgSize.width*magnification, imgSize.height*magnification);
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Show us the code you used to change the image frames. If it's slow on old devices it might just be because, well, the devices are slow. –  mattjgalloway Jan 10 '12 at 13:42
I have edited the post. You can see the code there. –  Sagiftw Jan 10 '12 at 14:10

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